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Lobito Servicio de Transportación

Quality Policy

Buzztrans Passenger Transportation Company S.A., through the implementation of an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, seeks to maintain social commitment to the inhabitants and the environment of the Galápagos Islands. Striving to maintain efficient processes based on continuous improvement, thereby achieving the satisfaction of national and foreign users, residents, concessionaires, and our suppliers. 

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Creating Unforgettable Experiences in Travel

In the pursuit of excellence, our commitment is to provide you with unforgettable ground transportation experiences. Join us!


La empresa Buzztrans Compañía de Transporte de Pasajeros S.A ofrece el traslado de turistas y residentes en la Isla Baltra, brindado seguridad, inclusión a todos sus pasajeros. Manteniendo un servicio de calidad, eficiente y salvaguardando el medio ambiente mediante tecnología Euro 5 en sus buses.


Ser el referente provincial en transporte de pasajeros, brindando excelencia en el servicio, con
responsabilidad, honestidad, respeto y puntualidad; generando niveles elevados de satisfacción al cliente.

Valores Empresariales

Our Values: Your Guaranteed Experience

To continue being a company committed to social and environmental responsibility, improving the quality of life for Galapagueños and preserving our habitat.



Brindar una atención de calidad a turistas y residentes



Valorar la diversidad de usuarios, proveedores y compañeros.


Promoting and encouraging camaraderie, support, and communication among colleagues.

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Guaranteed Experience, Exceptional Service , servicio excepcional

Discover excellence in service. We are your reliable choice for unforgettable transportation experiences.

Seguridad y Confiabilidad

Garantizar la seguridad de los pasajeros y la fiabilidad en la prestación de servicios, cumpliendo con los horarios programados.

Conocimiento Local

Ofrecer información relevante sobre destinos locales, atracciones turísticas y consejos útiles para una experiencia de viaje enriquecedora.

Lobito Servicio de Transportación


Buzztrans Passenger Transportation Company S.A began its operations on April 2, 2018. It is a public inter-cantonal land passenger transportation company that provides services on Baltra Island, Santa Cruz canton, Galápagos province. The company operates after winning the commercial concession award for the Seymour Airport-Itabaca Channel-Seymour Airport and Seymour Airport-Caleta Dock-Seymour Airport routes, using the docks of the Galápagos Ecological Airport S.A. (ECOGAL) for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers on Baltra Island.


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Unidades al Servicio


100% Electric Units

The next big step for LOBITO is to incorporate a 100% electric bus into its fleet, which will be charged with energy from solar panels that we generate ourselves through our own photovoltaic plant.



Our buses depart on their route with a 20-minute interval, or if they fill up before this time, remember on Lobito buses, only seated passengers are allowed.



The human team at LOBITO maintains constant communication to take care of every detail in the operation, from ticket issuance to baggage handling and coordination with the drivers of each unit. Your comfort and punctuality are our priority.



To shorten waiting times for our passengers, we have implemented a complete billing and ticket issuance system with QR codes that significantly reduces the purchase and boarding time for our units. It is important to remember that if you are a resident of the Galápagos, you travel for free by simply presenting your ID or residency certificate.



Optimize your management with our title transportation. Fast and efficient electronic billing, simplifying your processes with advanced technology.



Travel with comfort and safety. Our service ensures that you always travel ‘seated only,’ without worries during your transfer.



Aware of the environmental impact of combustion engines, our units have Euro 5 technology engines that use technology to reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon,
and nitrogen oxide emissions.



No charge on your phone? Don’t worry, our units have fast-charging USB ports ready to help you out.



Our units are equipped with a lift for people with reduced mobility, and passengers with disabilities pay half fare and receive personalized assistance from our team.



Our staff will take care of boarding and disembarking our passengers’ luggage. Important: At the Itabaca Channel, our responsibility for luggage ends at the dock.